My practice of making occasional artworks—responding to seasonal or festival social occasions and to events in my own or friends’ lives—results in art objects made as gifts. Often these represent a chance to practice or renew a skill, but mostly the creation of these occasional artworks allows me to deepen my connection with people who matter to me.

You cannot stop the spring
, five-color reduction linocut on Rives BFK, 14x19cm. 2020.

I draw on artists such as Yoko Ono, Ray Johnson, Joseph Beuys, and many others who, in making greetings cards, calendars, and gifts for friends, demonstrate the ways that artmaking is an activity that belongs to and arises from our everyday lives and may solidify our ordinary relationships. Rather than orienting toward a (real or imagined) market or a (real or imagined) public, these works orient toward pleasure and my actual relationships with friends, family members, colleagues, and others nearby.