All my work
is work that happens

in time

Hyacinth clock, pastel and colored pencil on paper, 2020
Horsetail clock, pastel and colored pencil on paper, 2020
Snowdrop clock, pastel and colored pencil on paper, 2020

Language happens in time

My practice crosses disciplinary boundaries and is fed by an ongoing apprenticeship to the English language. You can find out about my publications and approach to writing-as-literature here. Writing contributes to my thinking about drawing: letters as marks, words a way of drawing.

Drawing happens in time

I use drawing as a way to record, respond to, and come to an understanding of the world that is continuously subject to revision. For me, drawing is thinking. I use drawing to annotate and analyze my experience and to teach myself to see with more attentiveness and care as well as to remind myself that thinking is ongoing.

Walking happens in time

Much of my practice is walking, listening, and looking. I have never had a driving license, so I perceive the world at the speeds of walking, the bicycle, and public transit. These tempos shape the way I work and what I make, as well as being ethical first principles for my understanding of and approach to the world.

Ongoing &
recent projects

This website continues to be built and updated. Like all things, it is in progress.
If you are looking to find out about my writing, go here.